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July 5, 2015

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Time Warner channel changes expected this week

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Posted: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 2:27 am

Time Warner Cable customers can expect to see some channel changes this week.

Starting on or about July 23, local public, educational and government access programming will be delivered in digital format only. The channels will remain in customers’ existing packages, but will only be viewable with digital equipment such as a Time Warner digital set-top box, digital adapter of CableCard.

Affected channels for customers in Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties include the public access channel on 19-1 and the educational access channel on 19-2.

Time Warner will provide digital adapters for free through Sept. 23. Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, digital adapters will cost 99 cents per month. Adapters may be requested online at or by calling (855) 286-1736.

Time Warner has been increasingly moving channels to digital-only availability.

The company, in a letter to customers, said the move will “provide better picture and sound, more HD channels, and more robust Internet speeds” for its customers.

Time Warner said in October 2012 — the last time it shifted channels to digital-only — that about 75 percent of its video customers in Western New York already subscribed to digital cable.

This is the fourth time in three years that Time Warner has made channels digital-only. On October 2012, Time Warner converted country music channel CMT, government affairs channel C-SPAN, the religious channel EWTN, Golf Channel and Lifetime Movie Network to digital-only. Previously, the change affected Travel, TruTV and ShopNBC in August 2010 and Oxygen in April 2010.

Catching up on Guy With a Remote’s weekly odds ‘n’ ends:

Reunion of the Month

The final few episodes of “Warehouse 13” brought together a pair of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” co-stars.

James Marsters as Sutton and Anthony Head as Paracelsus played key roles in the season’s final run of episodes.

Head, the bookish librarian Giles on “Buffy,” was a more conniving baddie on “Warehouse 13” as he sought to gain immortality and control of the Warehouse, an ever-expanding repository for supernatural artifacts. He appeared in the season’s final three episodes: “Lost & Found,” June 24; “All the Time in the World,” July 1; and “The Truth Hurts,” July 8.

Marsters first appeared in the spring premiere, “The Living and the Dead,” April 29; and then returned for the final two episodes. On “Buffy,” Marster’s was Spike, the breakout vampire with a British accent (though the actor is a California native).

For Marsters, the episodes also represented a second reunion. Also co-starring the episodes was Polly Walker as Charlotte Dupres. Walker had previously played Clarice Willow, a high priestess who was also a terrorist leader in the Soldier of the One group, in “Caprica,” a series that included Marsters as Barnabas Greeley, who was also a leader of the Soldier of the One and rival to Clarice.

There’s always a Buffalo connection

On the July 1 episode of “Under the Dome” (“The Fire”), Deputy Linda Esquivel learns from fellow Chester Mills deputy Freddy Denton (Joe Knezevich) that her fiancé – a firefighter trapped on the other side of the dome – was planning to take her to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

“That dog. He told me that I had to settle for Niagara Falls,” Esquivel responds.

There’s always a Buffalo connection, Part II

And on the July 17 episode of “Necessary Roughness” (“V3 for Vendetta”), Coach Tom Wizinski threatens star wide receiver Terrence King (Mehcad Brooks), with a particular punishment if he misses another practice.

“I will ship your ass to Buffalo,” the coach says.

Theme Quote of the Month

In the season finale of Warehouse 13 (“The Truth Hurts,” July 8, 2013) we learned that both Pete and Claudia are not fans of metaphors – you know, those figures of speech that challenge many a young English student.

“Metaphors, worse than cryptic,” says Pete (Eddie McClintock).

Then, a short time later, Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) announces, “I hate metaphors.”

Exchange of the Month

Keira Cameron (Rachel Nichols) begins working with CSIS Agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) on “Continuum” (“Second Listen,” July 8, 2013), which prompts an exchange with her Vancouver Police Department partner Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) that puts a new twist on a familiar saying:

Carlos, to Keira: “Keep your friends close…”

Keira, to Carloa: “And your enemies in a vice-like grip.”

Quote of the Month nominees

“But he’s a loose cannon and the woman in the coffin was a friend of mine.”

Kiera (Rachel Nichols) to a suspect on Continuum (“Second Degree,” July 1, 2013)

“Not so fast Senator Palpatine.”

— Pete (Eddie McClintock) to Sutton (James Marsters) on Warehouse 13 (“All the Time in the World,” July 1, 2013).

“Put you in a warrior goddess outfit and the fanboys will be all over that.”

— Sean King (Jon Tenney) to his partner Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) on King & Maxwell (“King’s Ransom,” July 1, 2013).

“That woman has more attitude than you have excuses not to exercise.”

— Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) to her partner Sean King (Jon Tenney) and meeting kidnap and ransom negotiator Joan Dillenger (Catherine Bell), with whom Sean has a history, on King & Maxwell (“King’s Ransom,” July 1, 2013).

“Dude, it’s the apocalypse. Advisories don’t apply.”

— Ben Drake (John Elvis) in Under the Dome (“Manhunt,” July 8, 2013).

“Oh my God, I liked you better as your usual annoying 12-year-old self.”

— Myka (Joanne Kelly) to Pete (Eddie McClintock) on Warehouse 13 (“The Truth Hurts,” July 8, 2013).

“So I asked myself, what could possibly make a creepy basement even creepier? I know, it could also be a morgue. Yippee.”

— Pete (Eddie McClintock) on Warehouse 13 (“The Truth Hurts,” July 8, 2013).

“The Farnsworth is more than just an oversized iPhone, you know.”

— Artie (Saul Rubinek) on Warehouse 13 (“The Truth Hurts,” July 8, 2013).

“Now you’re starting to sound like Cameron Dennis, always out for the greater good. I’m not out for the greater good.”

— Harvey (Gabriel Macht) on Suits (“The Arrangement,” July 16, 2013).

Quote of the Month

“She’s a really good shot, and you’re a whole lot of target.”

— Sean King (Jon Tenney), warning a bad guy about his partner, Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) on King & Maxwell (“King’s Ransom,” July 1, 2013).

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