BCP is back, showcasing multiple styles

LE ROY — A long-time Genesee County rock band returns to the stage next week with a new name, a new album, and a new style – or rather, 12 new styles.

To explain:

n The band formerly known as Ball Cheeze Psychotics, and often referred to in shorthand as BCP, is now officially B.C. Psychos.

n They have not played live since the end of 2019, or shortly before the first COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the United States.

n And, the new album, “Choose Your Own Adventure,” has been kind of an adventure of its own.

“We got away a little bit from that punk rock, blues rock,” Dan Bess, drummer for BCP, said of the trio that formed in in 1996 as a self-described “country/punk/industrial/blues/rock” band. The group released its first full-length album in 2001.

Bess said “Choose Your Own Adventure” is a complex assortment of everything from Dropkick Murphys-style Irish flare to reggae to country and more.

The album is BCP’s first since 2017’s “Memphis,” and is a record that has had a long uphill journey to complete during the last three years. When the band started to go through all the demos it had for the record, its members decided to play like they were 12 different bands. Every song is its own thing.

“Twelve different styles but with the same band playing it,” Bess said. “We brought in a lot of different people from a lot of different bands to play on this to get the sounds we wanted.”

The band’s new name and musical palette will be on display Nov. 24 when the band – B.C. Psychos – plays live at Smokin’ Eagle BBQ & Brew, 9 Main St., Le Roy. The show, the bar’s first since the COVID pandemic arrived, is scheduled from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Bess said the band plans to play fours songs off the new record, and also play leftover tracks from “Memphis.”

The new album will be available for purchase the night of the show. It will also be made available on streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify. Streaming their music is another change for the band.

Bess said the last time BCP played an official show was at Batavia Downs in December 2019. The upcoming show may be BCP’s only local show until 2022 as booking has really slowed because of the current pandemic climate, Bess said.

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