Happy Halloween month everyone! I know this month is full of tricks or treats but still remember to balance out all of those treats with some dairy products. Wash down all your chocolate with a nice cold glass of milk.

While the leaves continue to change their color hot chocolate will start to become my favorite drink this season.

Here is my favorite hot chocolate recipe to use:

1. Boil some milk on the stove. (Using milk actually makes your hot chocolate a lot creamier)

2. Whisk in your cocoa powder and a dash of sugar.

3. Once the mixture is warm add in some chocolate chips and mix until they are melted.

4. Add a splash of vanilla extract.

5. Serve immediately but don’t forget your toppings! You can add marshmallows, whipped cream, chopped up chocolate, or in honor of the fall season and sprinkle of cinnamon.

I hope you enjoy this fun hot chocolate recipe. I would love to see what beautiful hot chocolate creations you all make! If you make some beautiful hot chocolate masterpieces feel free to share with us on our Facebook page by sharing to Wyoming County Dairy Princess Program!

On another note make sure while driving to look out for trucks and tractors since it is harvesting season. And while grocery shopping make sure to purchase some of your locally grown farm fresh produce. Along with some farm fresh dairy products. My personal favorite freshly grown food to eat is corn alongside a tall glass of milk this time of year. So just remember when you’re out and about to watch out for our local dairy farmers working hard and to support them by purchasing some of their delicious produce.

While out trick or treating this year remember to stay safe and look out for everyone.

Jenna Brace is an alternate Wyoming County dairy princess. The dairy princess and her court are writing columns for The Daily News.

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