The Old Hippies

The Old Hippies are shown during an outside concert on Main Street in Batavia.

BATAVIA — After a six month break, the Old Hippies will be having another Home to Home live stream concert.

The livestream, titled “Our Peace And Thanks To All Home To Home Live Stream Concert” will be 7 p.m. Wednesday.

“We know there are many who have requested we continue our live streams,” said Bill McDonald. “So we thought the eve of Thanksgiving may be a good time for another go at it, as many are still keeping distance from large crowds.”

Kay and Bill McDonald have been presenting livestream performances since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The concerts began from the living room of their Florida home and later included a handful of outings streamed from Florida-area venues.

The McDonalds encourage everyone to be interactive while posting as many comments as they wish on Facebook or to their e-mail. This concert will be of the organic nature (from within), with some new original material and a three song tribute to the legendary Woody Guthrie.

The Old Hippies will be broadcasting from our their home studio in Stuart, Fla.. They will take pre concert song requests through Facebook and from their e-mail at,

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