Aunt shares her 4-H memories

Anika Gianforte, left, spoke with nephew Tate Zuber, right, as part of a series of interviews conduct by Genesee County 4-H members.

Members of the Genesee County 4-H Dairy Club recently completed a series of interviews with 4-H alumni in Genesee County.

The goal of the project was to learn about the alumni’s 4-H experiences and learn how 4-H has changed during the last 70 years. The alumni include local leaders, business owners and mentors.

Sixteen interviews were conducted, including today’s with Anika Gianforte, who was interviewed by her nephew, Tate Zuber, a first-year 4-H member of the Genesee County 4-H Dairy Club and Chops and Hocks Swine Club.

He recently interviewed his Aunt Anika about her experience with Genesee County 4-H.

Anika works as a regional dairy processing and marketing specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension Harvest New York Team. Through her job she aids in the economic development of dairy foods in New York State.

Following is the conversation between one young 4-H’er and one 4-H alumnus:

What is your name: “Anika (Zuber) Gianforte”

When were you in Genesee County 4-H and what club were you a member of? “I was in 4-H Dairy Club from 2001 to 2014.”

What 4-H Projects did you complete? “I always had a dairy cow project and I participated in Public Presentations.”

Did you have any leadership roles in 4-H? “I was the president of my 4-H Club. I had to run the business portion of the meetings.”

Do you have a favorite 4-H memory? “My favorite memory was spending the week at the county fair. It was a lot of fun!”

What kind of work do you do today? “I work with dairy processing plants, to ensure quality dairy products are made.”

How do you think your 4-H experience affected your career path? “It helped me become more passionate about the dairy industry.”

Would you recommend 4-H for youth today? “YES!”

Thanks for answering my questions Aunt Anika.

– Tate Zuber

The first of the 4-H interviews appeared in the May 9 Lifestyles/Extra. The story featured Esther Johnson, who spoke with Bing Zuber

Look for additional interviews in upcoming Lifestyles/Extras.

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