BATAVIA — With Thursday’s warm weather continuing into Friday, the Ellicott Trail still gets its share of visitors.

Four months since it officially opened, the walkers, bikers and anyone else using the 4.9-mile trail through the city and town have an aid, should they need it — a trail map and brochure. Those who want a map may get a free copy at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center at 8276 Park Rd. The Visitor Center’s vestibule is open 24 hours for access to this and other area brochures. It will also be available at the Town of Batavia office at 3833 West Main Street Rd., Batavia once the office reopens to the public.

“The Chamber has received numerous requests this year for a printed map of the new trail, so our office worked with Town of Batavia officials to make it available, in print and online,” said chamber Tourism Marketing Director Kelly Rapone.

Scott Dorchak and Colleen Larson and their twin daughters, Elizabeth and Fiona, 5, got out Friday for a walk along the trail, arriving at the bridge over the CSX Railroad just as a train was passing underneath them. Dorchak said Friday was the first time they were on that part of the trail near Red Oak Lane.

“We’ve been on the other side that goes around the lake. We were just walking and we realized ‘Oh, it appears in a different spot. Let’s see what’s on this side.’ This is our first time walking on this part. Normally we walk along the lake,” he said.

He said they were probably on the trail for the first time over the summer.

“We keep on discovering more of it,” Dorchak said. “It’s nice to be able to have a place where you can just go and walk and not have to worry about traffic and all the things that come with that. We’ve just been explorers, walking around, seeing where we’re at.”

Larson said Elizabeth and Fiona weren’t too excited about the trail Friday afternoon until they saw the train going by from the bridge over the tracks.

“It’s good for them to get out. They’re cooped up because school’s closed, so it’s nice for them to get to run around,” she said.

A little while later, Samantha Cecere and Paige Wasilewski rode over the bridge on their bikes.

“I really like everything about it. I’ve ridden it a lot of times, especially during the summer,” Cecere said. “I was out here probably two or three times a week, riding the bike trail.

“I’ve never walked it. I usually just bike ride, but I really enjoy it,” she said of the trail. “My family we come on it a lot of times. My dad rides it every day, pretty much.”

Cecere said when they rode past a certain spot on the trail, there was a box containing the brochures.

Wasilewski said, “This is one of my first times fully riding it. I’m back from college now and it’s a beautiful day, so we wanted to ride our bikes.”

She said she’s seen the green markers pointing people in the right direction, which weren’t really there the first time she rode part of the trail.

The trail was a joint project involving the city of Batavia, the town of Batavia and the New York State Department of Transportation and connects recreational, historical and residential areas. The trail also crosses the Tonawanda Creek.

“We are very happy with the public support that the trail has received,” said Town Councilman Chad Zambito. “I’ve heard many positive comments and our residents have really gotten out to take advantage of it. I’d like to personally thank all of those involved in its creation and thank the Chamber for promoting this community asset in a number of ways, including the website and new map.”

Rapone said the brochures were first available Tuesday.

“We are printing them ‘on demand’ in-house at the chamber ... so today I’m printing a few hundred to have folded and on hand. We will print additional as needed,” she said Tuesday. “Over the summer and early fall, our office would receive requests by phone or people stopping by for them. Early fall we offered our assistance to the town to help them to produce a printed brochure. The brochure was actually developed looking ahead to next year, so we are just getting it out early. There was no reason to delay until spring when it is completed now. The trail is open year-round so some may find it useful to have now. We are aware that the trail will get most use spring through fall.”

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Information on Ellicott Trail is available on the Chamber website,

The brochure information is also available online at

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