To watch the fashion show, click the video below:

BATAVIA — Fashion program students at Genesee Community College have become adept at finding ways to ensure their annual fashion show finds an audience.

Tonight, for the second year in a row, the students will be taking their show online. The video presentation premieres at 6 p.m. on its own website,

This year’s show is called “Novaturient,” or as explained on the show’s website, “the desiring or seeking of powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or a certain situation.

“After the time of solitude and stagnancy that we have endured over the past year, this year’s show will take you on an adventure and encourage you to embark on a journey of your very own,” said show producer Ariana Medick. “There are many extraordinary places to explore if we are bold enough to take that first step and this show gives a small taste of the travels that await us.”

The show features scenes filmed in a classic Niagara Falls hotel, spaces around Rochester, Buffalo and Albany, but also as far away as Japan.

The color palette of “Novaturient” –blue and green hues – is designed to foster feelings of peace, renewal, and wholeness.

“The color blue is known to evoke feelings of relaxation and spirituality, as well as feelings of security and trust. Seeing the color blue produces a chemical reaction within the body that has a calming effect on our emotions,” explains the show website. “Meanwhile, the color green inspires feelings of optimism and new beginnings. Among many it also symbolizes health and wealth. The colors blue and green are synonymously associated with planet earth and remind us of the beauty and richness of our world.”

The streak of shows nearly ended a year-ago when the COVID-19 pandemic’s arrival closed fabric stores and the college campus. Students needed to come up with new solutions to present a fashion show with no audience and no runway. The students at GCC met that challenge by launching the special “Ebullition” interactive website.

A similar concept returns with the website for “Novaturient,” a word that describes a desire for change that leads one to travel — to seek a change in environment, according to Medick.

The entire Fashion Show, which features designs by a dozen GCC students has been mapped to incorporate everything from the fashion forward to the casual and comfortable looks of lives on the go.”

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