Amidst the societal and scholastic change that our country has had adapt to during the current Pandemic of 2020, the Genesee-Wyoming Music Educators Association (GWMEA) had to cancel their annual All County Festivals that highlight the top 500 musicians from out combined counties. The twelve schools that make up GWMEA consist of Alexander, Attica, Batavia City, Byron-Bergen, Elba, LeRoy, Notre-Dame Pembroke, Pavilion, Oakfield-Alabama, St. Joseph's, and Wyoming schools. Students between the grades 5-12 would have been highlighted this year in March during performances at Pembroke and Leroy High Schools. In honor of all students who auditioned for the six ensembles who will never get to perform as a group, the GWMEA would like to thank all students who individually put time in preparing for these great music festivals.

Lastly, we would like to honor all the seniors who will never have the honor of performing again at at another GWMEA Festival. Some of our seniors would have been making their first appearance in an all county ensemble, and some would have been appearing for their Ninth year, committing hours and hours to their craft. Regardless of years committed, we would like to honor you one last time. Congratulations.