The first of two online public meetings to review the transportation network in the village of Avon is scheduled for June 30.

The meetings will share information about the Village of Avon Circulation Accessibility and Parking Plan, a study that examined vehicle circulation – especially heavy freight traffic – on primary village transportation corridors, identified locations at which to prioritize pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle circulation and safety improvements.

The first meeting is scheduled from 4 to 5:30 p.m. June 30. The meeting is open to the public. Individuals will be able to watch and participate via a dedicated webpage, . A live feed of the meeting will be provided, which may be viewable on a computer or mobile device. Individuals may also call in to listen to the meeting with a dedicated, toll-free phone number from a telephone.

People will be able to submit questions and comments via chat, a dedicated email, text, leave a recorded voice message that will be played during the meeting, or call in during the public forum portion of the meeting by joining a speaker queue.

The analysis is intended to build on a recently adopted comprehensive plan update and include an assessment of parking inventory and utilization.

The goal, according to the study description, is “to make more efficient use of the transportation network as a while.”

The upcoming meeting will present the results to date on the inventory of existing and planned conditions, and an associated needs assessment. The inventory and assessment includes analysis conducted by T.Y. Lin International of Rochester using various data and information from the public. The additional public input will allow the consulting firm to finalize these components of the study and obtain comments on potential solutions to the identified needs.

A second public meeting is expected to be scheduled for late summer or fall to present the draft recommendations of the study.

The transportation planning study is funded with federal planning funds made available through the Genesee Transportation Council’s 2020-2021 Unified Planning Work Program.

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