BDN offering e-edition

The e-edition of The Daily News is displayed with a page on the left, such as this one from April 17, 2021, and a clickable index on the right side that allows readers to go directly to a particular page.

The Daily News has recently launched an e-edition, a digital replica of the printed newspaper — minus any ink stains — that brings the traditional printed paper into the digital world.

The e-edition resembles the print edition, while offering a number of uniquely digital features that increase the ease of reading for subscribers.

“From the time we first launched a website, readers have asked about an e-edition. These can take many forms, but we are now able to offer readers an e-edition that is more than simply posting pages from the paper online,” said regional editor Ben Beagle.

The e-edition is one more way The Daily News is working to deliver more of our award-winning journalism that readers expect from their hometown paper, Beagle said.

Each day’s print newspaper is replicated online and available on our website,, around 2 a.m., Tuesdays through Saturdays. Readers just have to visit our website, and click on the “eEdition” link in the middle of the top menu on the homepage. Access is available at anytime and from anywhere.

“I believe the benefits of the e-edition are multi-faceted,” said Jennifer Zambito, general manager and advertising director of Batavia Newspapers Corp. “Our readers have earlier access to the paper. People who have moved from the area, or are snowbirds, have access to a virtual paper. And with the e-edition, our subscribers can take the paper anywhere when they have access to their phone, tablet or any other mobile device.”

The e-edition features responsive design, which allows it to be viewed on a variety of different devices.

A digital e-edition is an important new platform as it taps into the elements readers find most engaging in the printed editions, while also providing for a digital experience in an ever-increasingly digital world. The e-edition is designed for people who prefer the style of a printed newspaper, but would like to read it online.

“The e-edition is a terrific reader experience. It allows you to quickly and easily browse the paper and choose stories and features that interest you,” said Gary Durawa, circulation manager for Batavia Newspapers Corp.

Articles and ads

The e-edition, which launched in March, provides a new experience for our readers.

The online e-edition offers the full content experience of the printed paper as it includes all of the words, photographs and advertisements that appear in that day’s print edition. Also included in the e-edition are the paper’s comics, games and puzzles, which are not otherwise available on the website.

The new format offers a curated experience for readers, who will not longer have to turn paper pages to find the features that interest them.

A split screen shows the pages from the print newspaper on the left side, while the right side may display an index of the paper or page, or stories, photographs and ads, depending on what a reader has selected. By clicking on any article, the full article will display on the right side. Click on an advertisement, and that ad will display on the right side.

The e-edition also offers features not available to readers of the printed paper or website.

Easy to use tools allow readers to zoom in to increase the size of the text for those who find text in the printed paper too small. Readers can read the entire story without having to jump to a different page to finish reading an article.

Readers, such as those who may have low vision, may also click on the “listen” icon to have the article read to them. The feature is also helpful for those who may be multitasking.

Articles can be printed or shared on social media or via email. They can also be translated into 11 other languages, including Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic and Portuguese.

The e-edition does not include the advertising inserts or special sections included in the print edition.

More to offer

The menu of the e-edition allows for quick navigation through the newspaper. Readers can choose a section of the paper, such as sports or lifestyles, or go to that day’s featured page such as “Farm and Garden” on Tuesdays and “Senior Living” on Fridays.

In articles that may include a website or email address, the e-edition platform provides hyperlinks so that readers may clink the highlighted link to go directly to the page or send an email.

Under the “Pages” icon, readers may download individual pages, sections or the complete e-edition for later reading offline.

By clicking the “Browse” icon, readers may view two pages at a time, side by side.

The “Editions” icon - it looks like a calendar page - allows readers to reach older e-editions of the paper. The back issues, which are displayed as a thumbnail image of the front page, begin with the March 9 newspaper.

The “Search archive” icon allows readers to search all available e-editions of The Daily News. Readers may search by the date of an issue or by text, the latter looks for keywords in headlines, articles and picture captions.

By clicking on the “Index” icon, the e-edition returns to its split screen format.

Answers to questions about features and functions of the e-edition are available by clicking the “Help” icon, which is recognized by the large “?”.

By clicking the “Options” icon, readers can customize their viewing experience. They can also visit the “Marketplace,” a section that highlights individual advertisements and announcements from each edition.

It is from the “Options” screen that readers may use the “E-Notify” feature to create alerts using search terms and an email address. When articles contain the desired terms, the reader will be sent an alert to the provided email address.

Delivery of the e-edition is just a click away.

The e-edition is available as part of the digital subscription, which costs $9.99 a month and provides unlimited access to the website. Print subscribers, from whom digital access is also included, may access the e-edition for free as part of their existing subscription.

To subscribe, call (585) 343-8081 or email

Unsure, take the e-edition for a test drive with a free demo at Non-subscribers need only click on the “eEdition” link at the top of the home page to get to the free demo.

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