New Burger King planned in Geneseo

Brendan McDonough/Livingston County NewsThe Burger King restaurant at 75 E. South St. in Geneseo was demolished recently to make way for an entirely new restaurant.

GENESEO — Local burger-lovers were in for a whopper of a surprise last week when they discovered the Burger King restaurant at 75 East State St. in the village had been torn down.

David Woods, chair of the village’s planning board, said the old restaurant was demolished to make way for an entirely new building, “like what McDonald’s did across the road several years ago.”

“It was approved by the planning board some time back, but COVID-19 threw a lot of timetables out of whack,” said Woods.

Livingston County property records from 2020 show the parcel of land on which the restaurant stood is owned by Aprile Associates. Craig Wadsworth, the village’s code enforcement officer, said the restaurant was owned by Carrols Corporation, an LLC that owns and operates more than 1,000 Burger King and Popeyes locations across the U.S.

Village Planning Board meeting minutes show members were initially concerned that the “modern” and “block”y building design put forward by Carrols for the new, replacement restaurant would not fit in well with Geneseo’s historic character.

But Carrols’ engineers made architectural changes to the proposal, incorporating a partially gabled roof and stone into the building’s external facade, which largely addressed members’ concerns.

The board granted final site plan approval for the new restaurant following a public hearing in May 2020.

The Geneseo restaurant was one of 21 Burger King locations in Western New York that Carrols purchased in 2014.

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