CORFU – A Livonia man is suing Six Flags Darien Lake over injuries he says he sustained during a ride on The Predator, one of the amusement park’s seven roller coasters and the only one made primarily of wood.

Adam Cassel, 36, was riding The Predator the afternoon of Oct. 5, 2019, when his seat’s headrest broke, causing him to sustain shoulder and spinal injuries.

That’s according to Cassel’s attorney, Ronald Wright, who described his client’s injuries as “life-altering.”

“He could be facing spine surgery,” said Wright, an attorney with Russell Friedman and Associates in Rochester.

Wright said he’s in possession of photographs that show the headrest area of Cassel’s seat was partially broken prior to Cassel’s ride on the roller coaster. Park employees’ failure to notice the damaged seat and take appropriate action amounts to negligence, Wright said.

“The big thing is failure to inspect,” he said. “Not properly inspecting the ride before people get on, which would seem a very simple thing to do.”

Wright declined to specify the damages Cassel is seeking, but said “it’ll be substantial – six or seven figures.”

The Predator opened in 1990 as Darien Lake’s second roller coaster. It tops out at 95 feet, boasts a maximum speed of 50 mph and is known primarily for its rough ride experience.

Darien Lake Communications Manager Mike Arena did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

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