Project complete. Rochester Gas & Electric recently completed circuit upgrades in Mount Morris on Route 408 on the company’s L753 circuit, which delivers power to customers’ homes and businesses. The project upgraded about three miles of power lines and will bring enhanced reliability to about 2,000 customers.

RG&E completes upgrades in Mount Morris

MOUNT MORRIS – Rochester Gas & Electric has upgraded a circuit along Route 408 in Mount Morris that promises to deliver more reliable power to about 2,000 residents.

The project upgraded roughly three miles of power lines.

The L753 circuit upgrades in Mount Morris began in early summer. The upgraded three miles of wire will provide increased reliability during storms with adverse conditions, such as high winds and lightening, officials said.

The project also replaced more than 80 poles that had an average age of more than 45 years. The new poles are more resilient to wind damage and taller to meet current standards, the utility said.

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