BATAVIA — The city hopes to know, in about six months, what it will cost to build a new police department — a facility that would replace the 155-year-old structure the department calls home.

The City Council Monday approved a resolution to hire Architecture Unlimited, LLC, to do a feasibility study on the proposal to build at Bank Street and Alva Place. The study would also give the city a recommended size, design and layout for the new station, plus address the ability to expand, listing of regulatory requirements, and a breakdown of probable design/construction cost for site work and overall construction of the facility.

The study by Architecture Unlimited is expected to go into 2021, with design and engineering to take place in 2021 and 2022, followed by construction from 2022 to 2024.

Architecture Unlimited was the design architect for the City Centre mall roof project and has extensive knowledge of police facility architecture, according to the resolution to hire the company.

The cost of the study is $41,200 and is expected to take approximately six months.

Interim City Manager Rachael Tabelski noted in a memorandum to lawmakers that the current police station was a residence when it was built in 1855. It was the location of City Hall for almost 90 years, from 1916-2004, when the current City Hall building was constructed. The police station structure is designated as a historic building.

“The current building does not meet the modem needs of a police department, and in the current state the building is inadequate as the headquarters of the Batavia Police Department,” she said in the memorandum. “In 2013-15, a Police Station Task Force was formed to evaluate sites, and or renovate the current facility. The committee identified Swan Street as potential location however negotiations with the landowner were never finalized. Another site identified in the recommendation was Alva Place, a city-owned parcel in the heart of downtown. The Alva Place site has many advantages and was rated as the second choice site in the selection matrix based on the evaluation criteria by the task force.”

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