“The military cannot be used as a political weapon,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday in regards to President Trump’s threat to enact the Insurrection Act in the wake of rioting in cities across the country.

Cuomo then reiterated his points from previous press conferences that the ongoing protests represent two different situations: the protesting is righteous indignation over George Floyd’s death at police hands and systematic racism and injustice, while the looting that has occurred in the wake of protests is just criminal behavior by opportunists. Cuomo said the police need to be empowered to keep order, stop looting and stop criminal activity.

“We had protests again all across the state,” Cuomo said. “The protests were mainly peaceful all across the state.”

The governor said he hopes that a law making disciplinary records of officers becomes law soon when the state legislature comes back.

In other news, the number of new COVID cases per day and total hospitalizations continue to go down,. On Tuesday, the state attributed 49 deaths to COVID-19. Of those, 37 people were in hospitals and 12 in nursing homes.

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