ALBANY — The average price for electricity paid by full-service residential customers is expected to be higher than a year ago, depending on demand and weather conditions, the New York State Public Service Commission announced Thursday.

“New York, like every other state, continues to experience higher than normal commodity prices compared to where prices were several years ago, and that is expected to continue throughout the coming summer,” said Commission Chair Rory M. Christian in a news release. “Because of an expected increase in generator fuel costs as well as the changes in capacity prices and obligations, residential and commercial customers may experience higher commodity bills this summer than last.”

Many factors are forcing prices higher — most notably higher demand due to a robust economy and international uncertainty regarding energy supplies, two critically important factors outside of the he commission’s control, its members said.

“Given those factors, the commission works tirelessly to mitigate price increases in areas that are within its control, including commission-ordered programs to lower demand,” the officials said. “The commission also requires the utilities to mitigate volatility in prices, which will help to ensure price stability for consumers. Further, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act has aggressively put New York State on a path of greater renewable energy, which will significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lessen price increases related to fossil fuel volatility.”

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