MEDINA — A Wednesday evening fire on South Main Street left a family without a home temporarily, but the five residents got out unhurt.

A Medina firefighter suffered a minor lower body injury during a fall during the response to 1100 South Main St., said Medina Fire Department Lt. Steve Cooley. He was taken to Medina Memorial Hospital and released that evening.

A grandmother, two parents and two children live there and all were home at the time.

Cooley, the department’s public information officer, said smoke alarms went off at the same time neighbors and a police officer on patrol saw what was happening. The call came in around 5:10 p.m. “He was on routine patrol and he saw smoke coming from 1100 South Main St.,” Cooley said. “They (neighbors) knew the family was on the first floor. I’m not sure how many 911 calls we had on this. One resident reported to the first arriving officer that there was smoke upstairs.

“I know they have a dog. I’m not sure where the dog was at the time of the fire, but the dog’s fine,” he said.

The cause of the fire was under investigation, Cooley said Wednesday evening. It started in a second-floor bedroom.

Medina Fire Department, county fire investigators and Medina police are investigating.

“We had very low visibility on the second floor with some high heat. It took the guys a little bit to find it,” Cooley said.

Cooley said they got the fire out and then checked the spaces within the walls to make sure the fire hadn’t traveled to other areas of the house.

“Those first-in crews did a tremendous job. They made sure it was contained to that one room,” he said.

Cooley said the fire happened right around the end of one shift and the beginning of another.

“The fourth platoon works days and the third platoon comes in nights,” he said. “We had two crews right out the door.”

Fire units from Shelby, Lyndonville and East Shelby were at the scene. Ridgeway firefighters were on standby at Medina. Medina Fire Chief Matt Jackson was in charge at the scene.

“We’ve got significant damage to one room on the second floor, smoke damage to the second floor. We were able to keep the fire contained to the room of origin,” Cooley said. There was water damage in the bedroom and on the first floor.

Firefighters were on scene for about three hours.

“Code enforcement was on scene. The house isn’t inhabitable right now. The Red Cross was called for the family,” Cooley said.

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