‘I know I have a lot to learn’


BATAVIA — Tammi Ferringer says the transition itself will be the biggest challenge in going from county compliance officer to assistant county manager on Aug. 15, taking the job after Matt Landers officially moves up to the county manager’s chair.

“Matt is going to have a full plate and I want to be there to assist him, but I know I have a lot to learn and a lot of new areas to explore,” Ferringer said this week. “Working in the county manager’s office for the past 11 months as the county’s compliance officer has given me a greater respect for the work that is done and the challenges that are faced by this county every day. It truly has been an eye-opening experience.”

The town of Batavia resident said she accepted the assistant county manager position because she takes pride in serving the county and wants to help with the challenges it’s facing.

“Matt Landers approached me with the opportunity. We did not have a traditional interview process, but I have had the pleasure of working in an adjacent office to Matt for almost a year now,” she said. “He has also been a go-to person in my previous county roles. Therefore, he has seen firsthand what I am capable of and is also the areas I can improve on. We both recognize each others’ strengths and weaknesses and also have enough self-awareness to know there is always room to grow.”

Ferringer said she was appointed to compliance officer last September and had been in the Department of Social Services before that.

“At DSS, I served as the director of fiscal operations and child support from November 2014 through the end of August 2019,” she said. “I was responsible for the administration and oversight of the department’s finances, information technology unit, child support unit, safety and security, and various contracted staff.”

In almost 9 1/2 years in the county Health Department, her jobs included accounting supervisor for a few years starting in 2007, during which time, Ferringer said, she oversaw the department’s budget and finances. Eventually, she said, her responsibilities grew and she was promoted to administrative officer/budget officer.

Outside of work, Ferringer said, she enjoys spending time with her children, Jacelyn, 20, and Caleb, 13.

“Therefore, my time spent outside of the office tends to lean towards organizations or activities that we can participate in together. I currently served on the Genesee County Youth Board representing the town of Batavia and I am also on the local YMCA board,” she said. “I enjoy taking part in events such as the United Way’s Day of Caring and GLOW Corporate Cup.”

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