Mattress donation supports EMTs

Submitted photoPictured next to Le Roy Ambulance is Deputy Chief Chris Scopano and EMT Cynthia Reynolds. Near Max Pies Furniture is Phil Pies, Steve, Lisa, Sean and Sam Pies.

LE ROY — Sleep can be a rare commodity for first responders, especially during this unprecedented time.

When Le Roy Ambulance needed new mattresses, a local business stepped up.

Le Roy Ambulance members said they’re extending their deepest gratitude to Max Pies Furniture for donating two high quality twin mattress sets to help ensure that their first responders have a comfortable place to rest.

“We can be very busy, and there are some nights when we only get a couple of hours sleep,” said Deputy Chief Chris Scopano of Le Roy Ambulance in a news release. “Their donation will help ensure that those few precious hours are spent on comfortable mattresses.”

Le Roy Ambulance responds to calls 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

“We are beyond thankful for people like Steve Pies and his family for all of their support,” Scopano said. “Their donation shows that they really care about the first responders who are working hard to protect and serve our communities.”

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