Driving down West County House Road in Albion, residents were familiar with the sight of the local landmark of the Pillars — the front of the building held up by four towering pillars where the location got its name.

However, it has a new name, one which hits closer to home.

Maison Albion.

Recently bought by Kerri and Cole Glover in July, Kerri said Maison means “home” in French.

“We wanted to build a place that felt like it was someone’s house. It belongs to the community just like it belongs to us,” Kerri said.

The couple has been restoring the house to match its original French turn of the century look. Kerri said there are some pieces in the house which are original which reflect the French rococo style. Cole said the history of the house and area is really important to them, so they’re going to do what they can to capture the essence of the building.

Kerri has a background in the wedding industry, working in it for the past 22 years. This is the 14th venue she’s designed and built, but the first one the couple has owned. Cole has been working in the wedding industry for the past 18 years. He used to help with other event venues before meeting Kerri, transitioning over to the wedding industry and working as Kerri’s assistant. He also had spent time in corporate sales and property management.

The couple had decided to purchase the property when looking for a wedding venue after Cole did research into every single county in the United States. Using a tool to help him look into what is happening in the wedding world in each county, he was able to tell where the hot spots were.

Cole would shortlist real estate sites, send a list to Kerri, who would cross out about 80 percent of them leaving them with about 20 properties to look at across the country.

“When we first saw this one, and I saw the ballroom, I just knew there was something about it,” he said, Kerri adding for her it was the secret garden which sold her on the location. “Ironically it was the last property on our tour. Kerri just loved the aesthetic of it.

In this area, there are about 13,000 weddings that converge between Rochester and Buffalo. “A good county,” he said, “just to give you a reference point, would have 500 weddings (annually).”

Kerri said she’s sure they’ll be busy once they get the permits complete to allow them to host weddings. The couple estimates about 75 percent of the interior will be done by Oct. 10 and 100 percent complete by late November.

Kerri and Cole said they’re very aware of how their success can make a difference in the community. They calculated they’ll create $3 million of direct revenue and $4 million of indirect revenue by year three, each year, for the county.

The couple also aims to make Maison Albion a 100 percent green venue within three years.

Once everything is finishing being restored and renovated, Maison Albion will be hosting several community events a year at the couple’s expense such as 4th of July, a Labor Day barbecue, and with trick-or-treating at-risk of cancellation this year, perhaps some sort of Halloween event for kids. The Albion Hometown Holidays and Christmas Party will be the first official event its participating in on Dec. 12.

Maison Albion will also be donating its space 10 times a year to non-profits and community events that cannot afford a venue cost.

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