BATAVIA — Steven Robinson’s service to the city and its residents has been stalwart.

He spent decades as a city police dispatcher. And when those duties transitioned to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office’s operations, he stayed on as a part-time clerk and dispatcher.

Robinson may be currently laid off, but he’s racked a long record of public service. City police recognized him Wednesday with a special salute as he marked 30 years of service.

“Unfortunately due to COVID nand the coronavirus, Steve has been laid off from his position, so we wanted to celebrate and mark his 30 years of service with the city somehow, some way,” said Chief Shawn Heubusch of the city police. “This was the only way we could do it at this point in time. We couldn’t have any kind of gathering or party, so we figured we’d do a drive-by and show up at his house.

Speaking in his yard, Robinson said much has changed — when he started, there was no 911 system or mobile computers. Police simply relied on a red phone at police station to field incoming calls.

Robinson was happy with the salute.

“I’m very pleased,” he said. “Very surprised.”

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