ARCADE — Celebrating Memorial Day may feel a bit differently this year. There will be less parades, less cheering, and less gathering around the BBQ with friends and family. But, there will still be time for remembrance and to honor the day for all its glory. This year consider honoring lost soldiers and late war veterans by learning about their history and the significant imprint they left upon this great world we live in.

Take a walk through a cemetery to explore a deeper meaning to the celebration by participating in the Memorial Day Walking with Heroes tours, hosted by the Arcade Historical Society.

“Learn about local veterans who have served our country this Memorial Day weekend by taking a walk through one of our picturesque cemeteries,” said the Arcade Historical Society.

A grave brochure can be used to help guide you through the cemetery as you learn about local veterans.

St. Mary’s Cemetery, in East Arcade, is among the cemeteries listed by the Arcade Historical Society.

“This brochure has a list of the veterans with their rank and company, a map of the grave locations and short biographies of seven soldier’s service from the Civil War through Afghanistan,” officials said.

As a result of COVID-19 both Arcade Historical Society buildings — the Gibby House and the Old Fire Hall — are closed until further notice, therefore there will be no in-person tours offered this year. Don’t fret! Take the tour alone, or with your family, and lean on the brochures to guide you.

In the past, from 2012 to 2019, the Arcade Historical Society, with locations at 331 West Main St., Arcade and 15 Liberty St., Arcade, hosted tours in the cemeteries on the Sunday prior to Memorial Day.

“We picked a cemetery and had a volunteer or relative of a veteran stationed at a grave site. People would come any time between 2 and 3:30 p.m. and stand at the grave while someone told a story about the veteran,” said Jeff Mason, treasurer of the Arcade Historical Society.

Residents are welcome to visit the cemeteries during daylight hours. Social distancing is encouraged, as well as, showing respect for the cemetery grounds and headstones.

Brochures include Arcade Rural Cemetery Civil War Veterans’ Graves; Arcade Rural Cemetery Civil War Letter Transcript; Arcade Rural Cemetery World War I Veterans’ Graves; St. Mary’s East Arcade Veterans’ Graves; Sandusky Cemetery Veterans’ Graves; and Sandusky Cemetery Maps.

“It’s especially important this year to take a tour because the veteran posts’ are unable to host Memorial Day events and there aren’t any parades being held,” said Mason.

You can find all of the cemetery brochures on the society’s website,

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