BATAVIA — The town’s Solar Committee and a consultant will work together to update Batavia’s solar energy system zoning regulations.

At Wednesday night’s board meeting, town lawmakers approved an agreement to pay Wendel Companies a maximum of $9,500 for its professional services during the updating process.

“The Solar Committee interviewed four consulting groups to assist in the process of updating the solar law and recommends Wendel Companies on a time and expense basis cost not to exceed $9,500, the Batavia Town Board authorizes the supervisor to execute the agreement with Wendel for professional services to assist in the process of updating the solar energy systems law ...” board member Patti Michalak read from the resolution at the meeting.

The resolution passed unanimously, 5-0.

“Congratulations, Chad. Go to work,” Town Supervisor Gregory Post told Town Board member and committee Chairman Chad Zambito.

The six-month moratorium was passed in January and voted in July to extend it to give the town time to update the solar law, The committee was proposing in July that Wendel work with the town on updated regulations.

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