Mark Gutman/Daily NewsThe proposed New York Bus Sales facility site at 4450 W. Saile Dr., near the intersection with Call Parkway.

BATAVIA — A company hoping to build a vehicle sales, parts, service and maintenance facility at the corner of West Saile Drive and Call Parkway has town Planning Board site plan and special use permit approval.

New York Bus Sales, LLC plans to build at Gateway II Corporate Park, 4450 W. Saile Dr.

At the Planning Board meeting Tuesday night, there were no comments at a public hearing on the special use permit application.

On site plan review, the board approved the plan, pending town engineering approval.

“We did spend a lot of time on this. We’ve been talking about this for a couple of months now. We’re happy to have you in the town of Batavia,” said board Chairperson Kathy Jasinski.

On discussion of a special use permit, Building Inspector Dan Lang said he didn’t feel the town needed to address special regulations.

“It’s very cut-and-dry. We’ve been dealing with them (NY Bus Sales),” Lang said. “I don’t find that there would be any stipulations ... Right now, it is currently zoned industrial and commercial ...” Jasinski said the special use permit is to allow the business to do repairs at the site.

“The only thing that jumped out at me was the lighting. We have to be sure the lighting doesn’t go over to anyone else’s property,” she said.

Earlier, board member Steve Tanner went through Part II of the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) for the project.

On the question of impact to groundwater, the project resulting in new or additional use of groundwater and may have the potential to introduce to contaminants to groundwater or an aquifer, Tanner said he felt there would be an environmental impact.

“I said yes on this one only because, with it being a bus sales project and that there are going to be buses there, my guess is that there are going to be a small amount of lubricants and oils and gasoline on site. All those things, I feel, will be handled through the site plan that they’re going to have oil/water separators, they’re going to have all the things they need in place,” Tanner said.

Under impact to transportation, the question was whether the project would result in a change to the existing travel transportation systems.

“I answered ‘Yes’ to this. We are introducing new traffic and we do know that we have to have some traffic studies done out there on Saile Drive whenever we add additional businesses,” Tanner said.

On the EAF issue of impact on noise, odor or light, Tanner answered “Yes,” that there would be an impact.

“During construction, there’s noise. The building’s going to have exterior lights. The site plan shows there’s no light spillage onto neighboring properties,” he said. On whether the project would produce noise levels above those established by local regulations, Tanner said the answer is “no,” though there would be a small impact during construction.

“There’s various construction hours they have to stay within,” he said.

Tanner recommended a negative declaration — a declaration of no significant environmental impact — from the project. The board approved a negative declaration.

The board also considered an application by Pierrepont Visual Graphics for a sign package for the proposed UR Medicine medical offices building at 7899 Call Parkway.

Lang said the county Planning Board has recommended approval for the sign package, with no modifications.

“It’s for UR. It’s over at Gateway II on Call Parkway. It’s your basic UR signs,” he said. “It’s a ground-mounted sign out front. They will, on the master sign, have just what they’re doing. There’s no variance that’s required for it. We didn’t really have any concerns or questions in regards to this application.”

The board approved a negative declaration on the SEQR.

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