Le Roy waits out COVID-19 mask rules

A dispute among students over chalked messages has stirred a controversy at Le Roy Jr. Sr. High School. District officials say the matter has been investigated and resolved.

LE ROY — A Le Roy parent concerned about drawings and messages made or written during a Field Day event this week said she plans to attend Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting to share those concerns.

Cory Feeley of Le Roy, who has a child in the district, said by phone Friday that her understanding is that these incidents happened Wednesday at the Jr.-Sr. High School. She said students were provided with sidewalk chalk.

Two things Feeley said upset her was that someone wrote “ACAB,” which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards,” and “Abolish ICE” on the sidewalk. ICE is an acronym for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“I’m upset about the whole thing, that this all happened,” she said. “I’m upset they wrote ‘ACAB.’ Everyone knows what that means. I’m a firm believer in free expression and free speech, but I believe this whole thing escalated and it didn’t have to.”

Feeley said she is a former law enforcement officer and has a lot of friends and family who are officers. There are kids in the district who have parents in law enforcement, who shouldn’t have to read messages such as “ACAB.”

Superintendent Merritt Holly told The Daily News by phone Friday, “The things that were written were terribly inappropriate. They’re not acceptable. Whoever wrote them, it’s not appropriate for what they wrote. It’s not tolerated, it’s not condoned. A student made a mistake ... We’re not going to get into how it was handled. That’s internal.”

Feeley said her understanding about Wednesday was that a student drew an American flag with the sidewalk chalk and that another person or group came over and covered the American flag with a Gay Pride flag.

Feeley said her understanding was also that a young man, upset about the Pride flag supporters drawing over the top of the American Flag, dumped water over the whole thing.

Someone from the group supporting the Pride flag called the American flag supporters “hicks,” Feeley said. One of the students in the group of American flag supporters posted something on Snapchat, aimed at the other group, she said.

Asked about these concerns and any concerns that may have been posted on social media, Holly said in an email Friday morning, “Le Roy CSD does not engage or respond to complaints from people posting on Facebook or other social media platforms. If an individual has a concern, they should contact the appropriate office or department at school.

“The information you have received is inaccurate,” Holly told The Daily News. “An investigation was conducted and the matter has been resolved.”

Feeley added, “We all really need to start getting involved. We need to start getting involved in our children’s education. Anything that we have concerns with, we need to voice our concerns as a community — voice our concerns to the school board and to the school administration.”

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