BATAVIA — The city of Batavia reminds businesses to flush internal plumbing systems if their facilities have been closed or unoccupied for several weeks prior to reopening.

“Our public water system contains a residual chlorine disinfectant. As water in a building slows or stops, the water can become stale or stagnate, causing a loss in this residual which could lead to bacteria growth,” said Superintendent of Water and Wastewater Bill Davis. “This can also cause taste, odor, and discolored water issues, and the potential of higher than normal levels of lead and copper. Keeping the water flushed and refreshed, is crucial in these situations to ensure clean, clear water.

The city Water Department said it’s issuing this guidance to ensure the safety of the water and the health and welfare of customers as facilities reopen.

The Environmental protection Agency (EPA) has presented guidance for maintaining or restoring water quality in buildings with little or no use. The link can be found at: or

For questions or assistance, contact the City of Batavia Water Department at (585) 345-6315 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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