City to honor Genesee Symphony Orchestra Oct. 25

DAILY NEWS FILE PHOTOMembers of the Genesee Symphony Orchestra perform at a show. The GSO will be honored during its 75th anniversary with an Oct. 25 proclamation by the city.

BATAVIA — The Genesee Symphony Orchestra (GSO), celebrating 75 years, can look forward to recognition from the city later this month,

The City Council will acknowledge the GSO in a proclamation to be presented before its 7 p.m. Oct. 25 meeting in Council chambers, on the second floor of City Hall.

Genesee Symphony Orchestra (GSO) Board of Directors Secretary Nora Sands said three members of the GSO Board of Directors will be at the Oct. 25 meeting to receive the proclamation.

Sands said the GSO would like more people to acquaint themselves with the organization.

“I just think it’s amazing that it’s been so vibrant for so long. It’s very unique,” Sands said of the GSO. “It just presents beautiful music and people need to come and enjoy it. We do wish more people would support it.”

Sands said she has thoroughly enjoyed the GSO, led by Music Director Shade Zajac.

“I love the music, l I love the people on the board and their passion for the orchestra. We have an am amazing young director that is very energetic and produces wonderful music,” she said. “I know some of the musicians. Some of the musicians are also on the board. I know a few musicians besides the board members. Seven of the board members are also musicians in the orchestra.”

It’s been about 15 years since she saw her first GSO show, Sands said.

“I went and I decided to start taking my granddaughters to the concert to introduce them to it. I loved it and I just kept going,” she said. “I was asked to be on the board and I jumped at the chance. I was glad to have the opportunity to support them.”

Other things the GSO does is an annual string workshop, in which participants can practice a song with Zajac and then sit in and play the song with GSO members during a dress rehearsal for the final concert.

“They have a ‘Meet the Orchestra’ program, where kids can come and see the instruments up-close before the concert and see what’s involved up close and personal. We sponsor a competition for high school students. The winner gets to play at one of our concerts and do a solo with the orchestra,” Sands said.

Zajac said he will be there for the Oct. 25 presentation before going to a GSO rehearsal.

“We’re thrilled that the city’s embracing us. It’s a two-way street,” he said. “We could not have survived for 75 seasons without our community. If this past year and a half-plus has taught us anything, it’s that the community is strong and we have received support. It’s really heartwarming to receive this attention and this love from the community.”

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