Flashing lights at Route 77 and Ledge

Mark Gutman/Daily NewsA red flashing signal for drivers on Ledge Road portion of the intersection and a yellow signal for drivers on Route 77 were activated Thursday.

A state Department of Transportation spokesperson said traffic signals, put in place to address safety concerns at the Route 77 and Ledge Road intersection in Alabama, were activated Thursday.

“The work to install traffic signals at the Route 77/Ledge Road intersection in Alabama took place this past week. Public Information Officer Jordan Guerrein said Friday. The traffic signals were activated on site ... and there are now flashing yellow signals for motorists on Route 77, and flashing red signals for motorists on Ledge Road.

Guerrein said there are minor pavement repairs and landscaping work left to do at the site that will be completed in the coming weeks.

The poles for the signals were put in earlier this year.

“It looks like the signal heads, which is where the lights are ... were installed late last week,” he said. “They were installed on April 23 and April 26. The project, they’re expecting to complete at the end of May, so there’s still a little more work to do out there.”

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