WASHINGTON — Genesee Community College received has been awarded $430,441 to provide support to high school students and adults throughout the college application process, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced Tuesday.

The funding was allocated through the U.S. Department of Education’s TRIO Talent Search Program and Educational Opportunity Centers Program. Funding for the Talent Search Program will provide academic, career, and financial counseling to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds finish high school and pursue higher education.

Funding for Educational Opportunity Centers will also provide college counseling to adults interested in entering or continuing a postsecondary education program.

“TRIO programs are a proven way to ensure that promising students from all backgrounds have the resources they need to successfully navigate the college application and preparation process,” said Gillibrand. “At a time when the COVID crisis has added hurdles to college accessibility and retention, it is vital that New Yorkers have access to the support they need to complete their education and launch their careers. These programs are an investment in our future and I am proud to have advocated for this funding.”

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