Everything but the turkey

Volunteer Stephanie Russell, and her daughter Sellah, 7, prepare to hand out bags containing ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal, Sunday at Warsaw village park. Family Life Church disbursed the bags as a way to bless the community.

WARSAW — On Sunday afternoon a line of cars snaked around Warsaw village park.

Although Family Life Church in Warsaw normally serves a big formal Thanksgiving meal at the Moose Club, due to COVID-19, they decided to do something a bit different this year.

Stephanie Russell, a volunteer, said after canceling last year’s dinner due to COVID, this year the church’s members still wanted to find a way to bless the community.

So for the first time they put together bags of food for a traditional Thanksgiving meal they could prepare at home — everything but the turkey.

The church had enough food for 103 families.

“I am surprised at the turnout,” Russell said as she looked down at the other end of the park where cars were still coming in. “I wasn’t sure if people would come out when it’s cold out. You never know.”

When families arrived, they received coffee and donuts at the greeting station. They drove through the park and volunteers asked if they would like any prayer or any other help before giving them their food.

The food was donated a few weeks ago by people at Family Life Church.

Most of the food available on Sunday was given from church members and whatever was needed, the church fronted the rest.

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