LE ROY — As it turned out, Melissa Broadbent was in the right place at the right time on Tuesday morning.

The Daily News paper carrier had stopped at a residence on a delivery when she saw papers the resident hadn’t come out to get in previous days. It later turned out the resident had had a medical issue that no one knew about until police responded.

“They were piling up. When she wasn’t getting them, I got really concerned about it. That’s not like her,” Broadbent said. “She comes and gets them.”

Broadbent said she first saw this over the weekend and asked her manager to call the resident.

“He did. He didn’t get an answer. He said maybe I should call someone,” Broadbent remembered.

When she came by on Tuesday, she said she peeked in the garage and saw the resident’s car there.

“That’s when I finally decided to call. I called the police and I said, ‘Could you guys check on her and see if she’s all right?’” Broadbent said. “I just had a gut feeling. This was not like her. I should have called when I first started questioning it.”

Broadbent said she told Le Roy police she didn’t know if this was an emergency.

Detective John Condidorio said the call came in around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to the report.

“The subject had not picked up the paper all week. That’s what the caller was telling 911,” Condidorio said. “They called 911. Our officer got there. It was medical issue inside the residence — (the officer) found a person inside having a medical issue.”

Condidorio said the victim was transferred to the hospital. The report did not specify which hospital, he said. There was no information as to how much time had passed before the resident was found.

Would the resident have died if she hadn’t been found?

“Anytime somebody’s found inside their residence having a medical issue, there’s a possibility that person could pass away,” Condidorio said. He said the department thanks Broadbent for calling.

The officer who responded and found the resident was Sgt. Gregory Kellogg. Condidorio said.

“It wasn’t like they had to search for the person. Once he made entry, the occupant was found and medical was called immediately,” the detective said Wednesday. “I heard the occupant is doing better than when the occupant was found.”

Broadbent said Kellogg called her Tuesday night to say that the resident was OK. He had called her earlier and said the resident had been on the floor for days.

“I left the police my number and asked them to let them to call me and let me know she was all right,” she said. “He called me and told me she had been laying there for a few days and had I not called, things could have been pretty bad. He said she was on her way to the hospital,”

“Her son thanked me for calling. I felt horrible for not calling sooner,” she said. “I was worried about her, very worried.”

Broadbent said she doesn’t feel like she did anything heroic.

“I was just trying to be helpful. I was just relieved that she’s going to be all right,” she said.

Condidorio said police are thankful to Broadbent for her concern.

“She certainly was responsible for getting this person the help that this person needed,” he said. He said he encourages anyone to help if someone may be having a problem.

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