ELBA — Kindergarten and first graders gathered in small groups Tuesday as they wandered the front lawn at Elba High School.

They were able to climb and explore farm equipment, pet live animals, learn how to milk a cow and what they eat and so many other things.

It’s all part of life on the farm.

Molly Torrey, of Torrey Farms, organized the activity after being inspired by the Farm Bureau’s Kinder-farming which took place every June for Genesee County’s kindergarten classes.

“For the last two years because of COVID they had to cancel the event,” she said.

Torrey said she had a first grader who would have participated last year and a kindergartner who would have participated this year. She felt there was enough people in the Elba community that they could bring the farm to the youngsters.

With the help of the Future Farmers of America, area 4-H kids and local Elba farms they were able to make an interactive event on Tuesday afternoon.

Torrey said the kids really like the animals — anything they can pet.

“Yes we live in an agricultural community, but a lot of these kids aren’t on a farm or don’t have access to one,” she said. “That was the great thing about Kinder-farming. Those kids got to actually go to a live, working farm and see all the aspects. I mean obviously they are not seeing all that here, but we brought what we could to them.”

Torrey said she hopes that Kinder-farming will return next year, but wanted to make sure the kids who don’t get to experience farming every day, can.

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