One more thing will be missing this year because of COVID-19.

The Hansen Brothers Detachment 951 of the Marine Corps League won’t be having its annual Toys for Tots campaign.

The group annually collects toys at Walmarts in Batavia and Warsaw and at numerous drop-off locations.

Hansen Brothers formed in 1996 and has been affiliated with Toys for Tots ever since.

This is the first time the campaign has been suspended.

This year, a press release said, “has been a year of altered norms and broken hearts. This lack of normalcy has led to many cancellations, including all of our traditional fund-raising activities. The lack of fundraising, paired with the uncertainty of what lies ahead, makes the prospect of a successful campaign very slim.”

David Dumuhosky said the group had “a whole meeting about this” and decided that there was too much uncertainty to conduct a campaign this year.

“We will be back next year,” he said. “With the virus, there were just too many questions.”

The group encouraged people to find other ways to donate this year and promised to “return next year with renewed vigor and sense of purpose.”

“We would like to thank you all for the past generosity and encourage you to find another outlet for this year’s giving.”

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