Blessed’s rampage by the numbers

1: The number of bullets that struck Blessed in the head, killing him.

2: The number of deputies — one from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and one from the Genesee County Sheriff’s’ Office — who may have fired the shot that killed Blessed.

4: The number of bullets that struck Blessed’s body. In addition to the fatal shot to the head, Blessed was also struck three times in the hip.

5: The number of firearms authorities recovered from the cab of Blessed’s tractor trailer, his private vehicle and a room he rented in Virginia. They were a Glock 9mm pistol, two AK-47s, one of which was equipped with a thermal scope, one 50-caliber rifle and one, .338-caliber sniper rifle.

7: Number of Livingston (five) and Genesee (two) county sheriffs’ deputies that fired at Blessed during the chase and culminating shootout on Route 20A in Geneseo.

14: Number of improvised explosive devices the FBI recovered from Blessed’s private vehicle and rented room. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty described the IEDs as “pipe bombs.”

24: The minimum number of rounds Blessed fired at members of law enforcement, based on recovered shell casings in Blessed’s cab and along the route of pursuit. Authorities acknowledged it’s possible Blessed could have fired more than 24 shots.

46: The number of miles Blessed drove through Genesee, Wyoming and Livingston counties as he was fleeing from police the night of May 27.

75: Number of minutes the pursuit lasted from the time Blessed was first pulled over in Le Roy at 8:37 p.m. until when he was fatally shot in Geneseo at 9:52 p.m.

91: The number of rounds fired by law enforcement that struck Blessed’s tractor trailer.

129: The number of rounds members of law enforcement fired at Blessed.

$148,000: The amount of cash FBI agents found after executing search warrants on a room Blessed rented in Virginia and his private vehicle.

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