GROVELAND — Correctional officers union officials are continuing to seek reinstatement of a Secure Vendor Program as drugs keep pouring into state prisons.

New York State Corrections Officers and Police Benevolent Association released a list of drugs found at Groveland Correctional Facility in Livingston County, where the discovery of drugs in food and cigarette packs are almost a weekly occurrence.

The partial list of recent seizures:

n Dec. 28: Officers found 20 orange strips of Suboxone hidden inside the seam of a towel in a package sent from Syracuse.

n Jan. 6: A package mailed from Jamestown contained 25 grams of marijuana and 30 orange strips inside assorted food packages.

n Jan. 20: A package from Port Henry contained Suboxone inside food and personal items.

n Feb. 18: An x-ray of a box of food revealed synthetic marijuana.

n Feb. 25: An officer found 80 strips of Suboxone inside a pack of cigarettes mailed from Rochester.

Union officials have repeatedly called for Gov. Cuomo and state Department of Corrections to renew a Secure Vendor Program. Such a program allows people to order from vendors and have food and other supplies sent to inmates.

“ There are no lengths that inmates will not go to right now to smuggle in drugs to facilities,” said Mark Deburgomaster, NYSCOBPA’s Western Region vice president. “Despite the best efforts of staff, undoubtedly drugs will continue to get into the hands of inmates until DOCCS gets serious and reinstates the Secure Vendor Program.”

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