BATAVIA — A flag consisting of a blue and green field with an ear of corn being held up by a pair of diverse hands flew over the Old Courthouse Monday.

Designed by Riley Wall, an 8th grade student at Alexander Central School, the flag was submitted for the children’s flag design contest conducted by the Genesee County Department of Planning. The flag symbolizes the importance of agriculture, local food, and the diversity of Genesee County’s farming community.

“I came up with this design because I think our economy is very toward agriculture, so I added a piece of corn,” Riley, 13, said. “I added the races of different skin color because I think our county is very diverse and accepting of everyone.

She added that it took her two days to design and draw.

The flag was honored in a ceremony conducted immediately after Monday’s County Legislature meeting. It was recognized by officials for its quality and creativity.

The contest’s rules had been simultaneously easy but specific: Organizers wanted something simple, with meaningful symbolism.

They also wanted basic colors, an absence of lettering — the county seal was still permitted — and a distinctive look.

Riley’s flag met those standards and more.

The contest was a public engagement activity of the Genesee 2050 project, an effort to update the county’s Comprehensive and Recreation plans. Five entries by students were submitted for voting in the children’s portion of the contest.

Other flag entries highlighted the county’s farming heritage, the county’s 13 towns, the Holland Land Office Museum, the county’s Seneca heritage, and more.

A new permanent Genesee County flag will be announced in the coming weeks. More information is available at

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