WARSAW — Wyoming Sheriff Gregory Rudolph has issued a warning to residents about a phone scam targeting older people.

The scam is a “new style of an old phone scam targeting our aging population,” he said.

Phone calls are being received with the caller claiming to be a grandchild and involved in a motor vehicle accident.

The caller indicates that “their friend’s father is an attorney and can handle the situation” with large sums of cash or for bail.

The caller advises that a “court official” will come to their house to pick up the money in person because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but are informed not to tell anyone because of a “gag” order. If personal information is obtained, someone will come to the victim’s house to obtain the money.

Residents are urged not to give any personal information over the phone and to contact their family member and Investigator Anderson of the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office (585-786-8989) as we are working with several law enforcement partners to identify these criminals.

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