Pembroke bus garage

Pembroke Central School Photograph

Voters in the Pembroke Central School District have approved a $1.69 million renovation project to the school's transportation facility.

CORFU — Pembroke Central School District voters Thursday approved a proposed Intermediate School bus garage reconstruction project, by a vote of 139-35.

The vote on the $1.69-million project had been postponed from Tuesday. The project includes the following:

• replace bus lift

• replace fuel island

• add electrical power on 3 light poles

• replace interior lighting

• repair building electrical ground

• repoint brick

• replace windows in lift bay, offices and drivers area

• split heat system to provide greater efficiency

• replace entry doors and install screen wall/wind screens

• replace overhead door operators (operators only, the doors are fine)

• install parts storage shelving

The district said the project will be paid for with state aid and $400,000 from Pembroke’s capital reserve fund.

“When last year’s capital project vote was defeated in January 2020, part of the input we received was to focus first on the health and safety issues at the Bus Garage (replace the failing bus lift and gas tank), the ADA compliance issues, and the Building Condition Survey (BCS) issues,” Superintendent Matthew Calderon wrote in a Dec. 23 letter to the community. “We immediately began to reorganize with the intent to ask voters to consider a small ‘basic needs’ project with no additional tax impact at a vote to occur in October 2020. Then, COVID hit, and needless to say, our planning was postponed.”

Over the past couple of months, the district identified a prioritized list for a small capital project to include the bus garage items, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance items and the most important Building Condition Survey (BCS) items.

“Our initial plan was to add a capital project proposition to the regular May 2021 vote,” Calderon said in the letter. “However, due to the health and safety concerns related to the failing bus lift and gas tank, we believe it is prudent to address those specific items sooner than the other items.”

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