Burglar hit with theft charges


ALBION — Malik I. Ayala, 29, was sentenced Nov. 23 to two to four years in prison for his involvement in a series of burglaries he committed with his brother in and around Batavia.

Ayala, who has lived in Albion and Batavia, had been given numerous chances to avoid state prison, including being allowed to attend drug treatment programs.

When he was sentenced, he was told he would qualify for Willard Drug Treatment Facility, meaning that if he abided by program rules he would likely be released from prison early.

He has yet to be sent to prison, however, and in the meantime, was arrested twice while waiting in Genesee County Jail.

Ayala has been the target of an Albion Police Department investigation into a number of thefts in the village last fall, in the months before Ayala was committed to jail on Oct. 5.

Chief Roland Nenni said the investigation concluded, with Ayala being charged with two counts of petit larceny. He was charged on Jan. 15 and again on Jan. 26, Nenni said.

The charges won’t have an impact on Ayala’s prison sentence in Genesee.

District Attorney Lawrence Friedman, who vehemently opposed any deals for Ayala, said Ayala will still be allowed to attend Willard and be eligible for early release.

Ayala’s case dates back to November 2018 when he was arrested and charged with a string of burglaries he committed with his brother.

His brother, Teesean Ayala, 22, was sentenced to five years in state prison.

Malik, however, had his sentencing delayed numerous times while he attended drug treatment programs. He was admitted into a judicial diversion program a year ago but failed to complete the program and was issued the state prison term.

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