Ziblis charged with attempted robbery


BATAVIA — A city man with an extensive and violent criminal history but who has never been sent to state prison was arrested and charged in connection with a violent domestic dispute, city police said.

Shane H. Zimblis, 49, of South Swan Street was charged with attempted robbery, felony criminal contempt of court and harassment after an investigation into an incident June 10.

Despite the two felonies, Zimblis was released after being given appearance tickets.

Zimblis’s last arrested came in December after another violent domestic dispute.

Zimblis was charged with felony first-degree criminal contempt of court, second-degree unlawful imprisonment and criminal mischief.

Zimblis in July testified at the murder trial of Richard Hanes, who was found guilty of the bludgeoning death of Raymond Morgan at Morgan’s Liberty Street apartment.

Zimblis, in exchange for his testimony, had the order of protection modified to a “no offensive conduct” order.

Zimblis found Morgan’s cell phone on a roof.

Zimblis has anextensive criminal history. Earlier in 2019 he was charged with felony assault after allegedly beating a person with a baseball bat.

Among his other arrests in recent years:

In 2017, he was arrested after fleeing into the woods when police arrived to investigate a domestic dispute.

In 2004, he was charged in Le Roy with pointing a BB pistol at people leaving a church school fundraiser. That same year he was charged with threatening to shoot several people, also in Le Roy.

In 2006 he was charged with holding a person against their will and threatening to kill the person. He faced similar charges in 2015.

Zimblis also has charges that he drove a snowmobile into a sports utility vehicle while drunk and for stabbing a man with a fork during an argument in 2015.

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