Two drivers charged after crash

EAGLE — An investigation into an Oct. 15 crash that happened in front of a Wyoming County sheriff’s deputy has led to charges against both drivers, including one for DWI.

Deputy Austin Harding was on patrol about 8:30 p.m. on Route 39 when he saw a car ahead of him tailgating another car.

The tailgater then started to pass the other car in a no-passing zone on a slight curve, just east of Lyonsburg Road.

Harding said he saw approaching headlights and the passing car swerved back into the eastbound lane to avoid a collision.

The passing car and the other eastbound car then collided, with both turning sideways in the road but then continuing on.

Harding pursued both cars and stopped them moments later.

The driver of the passing car, a 17-year-old, was charged with reckless driving, unsafe passing, driving to the left of pavement markings and following too closely.

The other driver, Kyle P. Baines, 31, of Arcade, was charged with DWI, open container and littering.

Both are to appear at a later date in Town Court.

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