Almost a year to the day from her release from parole, a city woman was stopped for traffic violations and was suspected of being high on drugs.

That turned out to be the case as an investigation into the traffic stop has now led to charges against Rosemary R. Waters, 34, of East Main Street.

Waters, who has an extensive criminal history, was stopped on Dellinger Avenue Aug. 17.

She was charged Monday with driving while ability impaired by a combination of drugs and unregistered motor vehicle.

Waters was released from parole on Aug. 15, 2019.

She had served a three-year term for a 2013 burglary conviction, was released but returned to prison for violating parole.

Her final release was in August 2017 and she was on parole for another year.

Waters has more than a dozen arrests in recent years, mostly for petit larceny from local stores. Some of those charges were upgraded to burglary after she returned to stores where she had been banned for repeated thefts.

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