Tractor operator gets drugged driving charge

GAINESVILLE — A four-time ex-con with pending domestic violence charges stemming from an incident in December has been arrested again and charged with punching a woman in the face, Wyoming County sheriff’s deputies said.

Jayson M. Connolly, 46, was charged after deputies were called to a house in the village about 12:15 a.m. Sunday.

Deputies found that Connolly was in violation of an order of protection and also had struck the woman in the face during an altercation.

He was charged with felony criminal contempt of court and harassment.

Connolly was arraigned and committed to Wyoming County Jail without bail.

The court order of protection was issued after Connolly was arrested a month ago and charged with choking the woman. He was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing.

Connolly was released from state prison in April 2016 and was on parole until Aug. 20.

He had been sentenced to four to eight years in prison for a 2012 conviction for falsifying business records.

Connolly was in Genesee County Jail when he used another inmate’s personal identification number to repeatedly contact a woman with a court order of protection against him.

It was Connolly’s fourth state prison term.

He served a two-year term for a 1997 grand larceny conviction in Wyoming, a three-year term for a 1997 criminal sale of marijuana conviction in Wyoming and another three-year term for a 2001 burglary conviction in Steuben County.

Connolly has been arrested several times since his last release from prison, including a 2018 charge for identity theft and a 2019 reckless driving arrest in Buffalo.

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