Man gets 2 DWIs in 12 hours

BENNINGTON — For nine months, a Bennington man has been receiving “threatening, vulgar and inappropriate” phone calls. Every day, multiple times a day.

Wyoming sheriff’s deputies said the victim repeatedly told the man to stop calling and leaving voicemails. But the calls continued and the victim contacted the Sheriff’s Office on April 20.

Since the suspect blocked his own number, a grand jury subpoena was used to allow police to access the victim’s phone records and a number was found. A warrant was issued, deputies interviewed the man and found that he was the caller.

Raymond W. Stilwell Jr., 54, of Hamburg was charged with aggravated harassment and fourth-degree stalking.

Stilwell was arraigned and an order of protection was issued for the victim. Stilwell was released and is to appear June 7 in Town Court.

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