Genesee to move first doses to health dept.

Mark Gutman/Daily News file photo Genesee County will soon end first-dose COVID-19 vaccinations at Genesee Community College. Second doses will continue there.

BATAVIA — The Genesee County Health Department will continue to offer COVID-19 first-dose vaccination clinics, but they’ll no longer be at Genesee Community College.

“Going forward, all the first-dose clinics will be scheduled over at the health department,” County Manager Matt Landers said at Wednesday’s county Legislature meeting. The department is in County Building No. 2, 3837 W. Main Street Rd.

Landers said it is “bittersweet” to move the first-dose clinics from GCC.

“I think that that operation has been run smoothly, effectively, efficiently and with the spirit of cooperation. I just wish we could have gotten a little more through there,” he said. “Due to the shifting of the supply and demand, it’s not efficient for us to have such a large-operation scale out at GCC.”

Landers Wednesday said the clinic schedule at the county Health Department is still to be determined.

“We still will be at GCC for the next few weeks as we take care of second doses that were done the previous four weeks or up until today (Wednesday),” he said. Landers said there is light at the end of the tunnel — that in less than a month, the clinics will be finished at GCC.

Legislature Chairwoman Rochelle Stein spoke about the support staff and volunteers have been providing the community has been phenomenal. The county receives changes in guidance for COVID-19 almost daily.

“There has been incredible, amazing work from all of our county staff at the vaccine clinics and it doesn’t really matter what level of responsibility folks have or assignments or positions. Thank you to the leadership of our county manager, the leadership of our health department and the leadership of our emergency management,” she said. “Without their continual guiding hand, we would not have achieved the success that we have so far today.”

As of Wednesday’s meeting, Genesee County was just under 40 percent of the population having received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“That doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by determination and hard work. A lot of the work that our health department does is not something that is in the papers, it goes underneath the radar that public health ... is working quietly and effectively in getting our folks vaccinated. Continue to perform at these high levels in such complicated times.” “To those of you who participate, who work, who give your time, who volunteer, thank you,” she said. “Those of you who continue to say to people, ‘Go get your vaccine. It really does matter,’ thank you.”

The link to register for COVID-19 vaccinations and the phone number to call for assistance with registration, (585) 815-7168, is on the county website homepage,

On Thursday, Landers said the county is also looking at setting up vaccination pods at work sites or at organizations’ sites.

“We’ll be setting up pods ... in an effort to bring the vaccine to the people. Any business or organization that would be interested in having a pod at their site, we’re all ears,” he said. “We’re looking at new and creative ways to bring the vaccine to the people.”

Landers said there’s no set number of people the county would want to receive the vaccine at a pod site, but added, “The number we’re looking for is around 50 or more. As we continue to go on and on and on, at a later date, we may be willing to come out for less. We’re open to any place — larger companies, churches, a large site could potentially be a place like Darien Lake. Large farms could be another site.”

Landers suggested two or three smaller work sites could band together and send their employees to a pod to be vaccinated.

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