DiPietro continues to promote splitting state


Recent weeks have shown us the dangers of unfettered executive power.

The report issued by New York Attorney General Letitia James last week clearly exhibits a misinformation campaign and abuse of power for political gain. People from all walks of life have reached out to my office with concerns embodying a range of emotions from sorrow and frustration to anger and outrage. Who can blame them?

The 76-page report outlined not only just how out of hand the governor allowed the COVID-19 outbreak in nursing homes to get, but that he and his administration took active measures to cover up their failure. The governor and his so-called health experts repeatedly stood in front of cameras and touted numbers they had either manipulated or hand-picked to fit their narrative.

The people saw through their façade, however. Suspicions arose immediately from the families and loved ones of those who fell victim to the governor’s disastrous nursing home policy. They knew then what we know now that the numbers the state was presenting to us and reassurances that the situation was under control were lies.

The tragedy that occurred in our state’s nursing homes and care facilities was a direct result of a policy unilaterally enacted by the governor. In March, against the warnings provided by myself and many of my colleagues, the state Legislature granted Gov. Cuomo increased executive powers that allowed him to bypass the legislative process in decision making. He used that power to implement and then hide the disaster that resulted from his decision.

It is past time to remove the governor’s executive powers. Beyond that, he and his administration must be held accountable for the loss they caused and their failed attempt to hide the truth from the public.

I fully support subpoenaing Cuomo administration officials and hold them accountable in accordance with the law based on their testimony. I urge all Democrats to vote for the bill I have introduced that ends “Executive Power” immediately. The governor and his puppet, DOH Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, lack honesty, transparency, respect and decency. They are the reason people have such little trust and even more distaste for elected officials.

Assemblyman David DiPietro represents the 147thAssembly District, which covers all of Wyoming County and the southern portion of Erie County.

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