Making history: Me on the cover of SI Swimsuit!

Scott DeSmit

(Scott DeSmit is out of commission this week so here is a reminder of who he is, sort of, from 2017)

I was called a r-----, a t*** burglar, whatever that is, told I suffer from a mental disease, that I need a hug and that I am a whining, crybaby, bleeding-heart liberal.

If only I could use emojis: The laughing with tears emoji, the eye-roll emoji and if there is one, the brain-exploding emoji.

Never ceases to amaze me how so many people can read a column and just not get it.

I imagine it’s because of social media. We have expanded our reach here at The Daily News, no longer just catering to our faithful and wonderful subscribers, but to the many who use our online edition and Facebook page as a source for news.

Now that I am on Facebook, at least my column, many readers have no idea who I am, at least politically.

Let’s get this out of the way: I am not and never have been a liberal. That is not an “alternative fact.”

I did not and have never voted for Hillary. In fact, despite it being my patriotic duty, I did not vote this past election. Had I been forced by threat of death to vote I would have voted for some nutcase alternative-ballot candidate and not some nutcase Democrat or Republican.

I have, during the course of 25 years writing a column, been called a sick, twisted right-winger, a conservative, a Reaganite, an Obama-lover, an Obama-hater and, yes, a crybaby bleeding-heart liberal.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they are oh so wrong.

What am I?

I have no idea.

I do know that if you paw through Hillary’s basket you will probably find me.

I am a country-boy redneck.

I own guns. Lots of them. Never killed anyone with them. Just a lot of poor, defenseless woodland creatures.

I eat what I kill. I fish. I drink beer from a can and whiskey from a glass. I also drink wine and just last week bought a bottle of Merlot. Mostly, though, I just drink wine from a box. I use a glass and not a red Solo cup. I’m not a heathen.

I’m also college-educated but really not that smart.

I worked on farms and in grocery stores, restaurants and in factories and construction. Even worked at a sawmill once.

I am anti-war but pro-military, an isolationist but believe we should help those struggling in other countries.

I liked Reagan but I hated his lying, crooked administration. I loved George Bush the second because he was such a goof. Dick Cheney should be in prison.

I despised Bill Clinton but thought he did a fairly good job as president.

I am a conspiracy-theorist and I do not trust our government, but I believe 9/11 was not a conspiracy. I wouldn’t bet my life on it, though.

I listen to Neil Young, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Tragically Hip, The Headstones, Sheepdogs and The Rival Sons.

I also listen to Hank Jr., Merle Haggard, Blackberry Smoke, Johnny Cash and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

I am pro-choice. I believe women and minorities have legitimate gripes. I believe we need to rebuild our cities and make them great again. I am not opposed to welfare but I believe too many people rely on it and take advantage of the system.

I am pro-police but believe they really need to stop shooting defenseless people and harassing people just because of the color of their skin.

I, too, would “send in the feds” to Chicago in what may be a futile attempt to stop the madness, even if it means banning guns completely in that city.

I believe the war on drugs was a futile attempt to stop the madness and that the current heroin epidemic is entirely the fault of large drug companies and doctors who were lied to and who just didn’t care or were not smart enough to realize what they were doing.

I believe our nation is on the decline, morally and ethically, and it may be too late to stop the freefall.

As for our current president, I am on his side when it comes to some of his policies, especially when it comes to manufacturing, rebuilding cities and infrastructure, and of course we all want to make America great again, even if it is a pipe dream. I honestly hope he succeeds, though.

I also believe he is a demagogue and that it’s ironic that if you had asked any of the “deplorables” who voted for him what they thought of Trump three years ago, 100 percent of them would have said “if that rich, liberal TV star runs for president I’m moving out of this country.”

Then again, what do I know? I’m just a whiny, crybaby member of the liberal lamestream media.

I guess.

Scott DeSmit is a general asssignment reporter for The Daily News. He can be reached at

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