More expected from Bills QB

Joshua Bessex/Getty Images/TNS Josh Allen (17) of the Buffalo Bills celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins at Highmark Stadium on Oct. 31, 2021 in Orchard Park.

I’m confused, I don’t get it.

Hey, Josh Allen, you of the Bills football-team, a few questions: you state that the NFL is a “week-to-week league.” As opposed to what other kind or kinds of league?

And what would be your performance in that or those alternative kinds of league? Are you meaning to imply that this “week-to-week” foolishness exonerates the erratic, undependable, and inconsistent play that you are a part and parcel of? And thus your excuse for your very own questionable performance?

Whatever happened to reliable, precise, near-expert exactitude at the quarterback position? A “thing of the past” that we blithely accept in most aspects of our society? It’s almost like you’re explaining, Josh, why you will have future games of stinking performance!

My advice to you Josh, is that if you are gonna start trying to sound expert , and/or intelligent, in your runs of the mouth at the post-game podium, please expand on,or clarify those bloviations!

Think of the words “professionalism” and “amateurism” when you describe your performance on the field. For after all, that is what the fans are paying a great deal of money to see.

Or maybe just get rid of that ridiculous mustache.

Donald Weyer


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