It is important for all of us to avoid the temptation to fall into tribalism when it comes to politics. Sure, the easiest thing to do is to just “pick your team” and stick with it no matter what.

However, the right and correct thing to do is to take at least a little time to look at the policies of candidates running for office. It’s also vital to look at their history and willingness to be straightforward with their platform, because this is a sign of the likelihood that they’ll stay true to their promises.

Politics is more nuanced than “Us” vs. “Them” and it is our duty as citizens to put in our due diligence both on and before election day.

Declaring that one political party or another, and its membership, is a “plague” or “all bad” is just negligent and ignorant. If you refuse to research what a candidate from another party stands for, that could be a sign that you’re afraid you might have to change your mind. A great example of this is our upcoming Congressional race in NY-27. Many Republicans have looked at what the Democrat, Nate McMurray, stands for and have decided to support him. He has a history of hard work and policies that benefit the people, unlike his opponent, so why wouldn’t they?

Don’t be afraid of changing your position. Change is hard, but you’ll be thankful you did so in the end.

Chris Lynn


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