Dear Mr. Jacobs,

I am very disappointed that you chose to vote against ratifying the Electoral College votes that declared Joe Biden President-Elect.

Your rational for this misguided decision included “countless reports of election irregularities.” President Trump invented those “countless reports of election irregularities” and used this as his justification for overturning the election.

When a baseball game is over, there’s a winner and a loser. The loser can’t decide which innings to keep, and which innings to delete. The game is finished, the winner has won, and the loser has to accept the defeat and wait until the next game is played.

Joe Biden won the election. Donald Trump lost the election. It’s time to stop pretending that there’s any other reality.

Instead of contesting a lost election, I think it’s time for you to move forward to congratulate President-Elect Biden, and explain to Mr. Trump that he will have to move out of the White House on Jan. 20.

Respectfully yours,

Johnson Newspapers 7.1